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Importance Of Routine Eye Exams

By October 26, 2023January 3rd, 2024No Comments

The benefits of having regular eye exams go beyond ensuring that your vision is still right. Eye exams check the healthiness of your eyes, making it easier to pin down problems early.

Improves Your Vision

Conditions like eye redness, double vision, decreased vision, eye pain, halos around lights, floaters, and flashes of light make seeing and focusing difficult. A visit to your optometrist will yield a solution to your eye problem. The optometrist may prescribe medication or glasses to correct your vision. Make the visits regular, so the doctor can see whether your symptoms are improving.

Prevents Eyestrain

During the eye exam, the optometrist asks about the amount of time you spend staring at a screen. Most people have eyestrain from the overuse of digital screens at work or for recreation. The eye doctor will inform you of ways to reduce your eye’s exposure to blue digital light. Getting a solution for the eyestrain makes you more productive and prevents headaches. It also reduces eye sensitivity to light. The eye doctor may prescribe some anti-glare glasses to make screen-time more comfortable.

Visual Screenings Are Not Enough

Most people assume that passing a vision screening at school or the motor vehicle department means that their eyes are doing well. Screenings only check whether your eyes have problems focusing. For example, a screening test only checks whether the child can read material written on the classroom chalkboard. At the motor vehicle department, they will check to see whether you recognize road signage. Good vision does not negate the presence of some serious eye problems. It would help if you had an optometrist examine your eyes to rule out potential eye diseases.

Diagnoses Glaucoma

Glaucoma is both a severe and sneaky eye disease. Its early stages do not present any discernible symptoms. Most people do not even suspect that something is wrong. Most people know of it when the disease has caused some severe effects like permanent vision loss. When the disease has advanced, intervention efforts prove futile. If surgery and pharmacological treatment fail to work, the person becomes blind. However, if you have routine eye exams, the optometrist may recognize glaucoma signs early enough. It manifests as high eye pressure. If treatment begins early, you may reverse the condition.

Diagnoses Other Health Problems

People say that the eyes are the “windows to the soul,” and as it turns out, they inform about your overall health. The doctor observes the blood vessels in the retina as representations of blood vessels in the rest of your body. He or she may note early signs of diabetes, high blood pressure, hypertension, some cancers, and high cholesterol. Persons who are at risk of getting these diseases, such as those genetically predisposed to them, should insist on regular eye exams.

Routine eye exams are important because they fix the existing conditions and note subtle signs. Visit Plano Eye Associates in Plano, Texas, for an eye exam. You can also call 972-985-1412 to book your appointment.