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8 Ways To Prepare For An Eye Exam

By October 26, 2023January 3rd, 2024No Comments

How do I prepare for my eye exam? This is one of the most common questions doctors receive from patients needing one. The sound of an eye exam can make some people very nervous despite being painless.

An eye exam is one of the least demanding medical procedures you will ever experience. Here are eight ways you can prepare for one. We will divide them into two sections—what not to do and what to do.

What Not To Do

  • Do You Have Any Prescription Eye Wear? Do Not Leave It

If you have prescription eyewear, glasses, or contacts, ensure you bring them to the exam. The eye doctor must test their strength and performance before giving you a new prescription. Our eyes change as we age, so we must revise our prescriptions regularly.

Also, carry your sunglasses because you may have your pupils dilated. Pupil dilation means you will experience light sensitivity for about four to six hours.

  • Avoid Coffee And Alcohol

Coffee is a great energy booster at the beginning of the day, but it raises blood pressure. The instruments used in an eye exam can detect high blood pressure. To avoid inaccurate measurements, avoid taking coffee.

Alcohol also raises blood pressure and makes your eyes feel dry and irritated during the exam. Avoid alcohol the day before and the day of the exam.

  • Do Not Forget Your Insurance

Ensure you have your most recently updated insurance documents with you. You may also have your provider fax the documents to the eye clinic. Having these at hand will make the exam a lot smoother.

  • Do Not Be Anxious

There is no need to be nervous about your exam because technology has made it pleasant. All retinal and corneal scans are done with digital cameras that are non-invasive. The only part that may be a bit uncomfortable is the light sensitivity after dilation of your pupil. The complete comprehensive exam will take a maximum of an hour.

What To Do

  • Make A List Of Eye Problems You Are Experiencing

It would be best to have a list of all eye problems you may be experiencing before you go for the exam. The list will help guide your eye doctor on any specific tests to run in addition to the regular tests.

  • Family And Medical History

You should be ready to answer questions about your family history on eye health. It can help the eye doctor pinpoint any issues you may have or are likely to develop. Also, it would be best to have your medical history with you.

  • Prepare A List Of Any Questions You May Have

If you are curious about anything in eye health, this is the best time to get your answers. Carry a list of questions you would like the eye doctor to answer.

  • Carry A Payment Method

If you must get glasses or contacts, your insurance may not cover you fully. So, ensure you have a credit card to make the purchase. Most eye clinics sell eyewear in-house so patients can get the prescriptions before leaving.

For more ways to prepare for an eye exam, visit Plano Eye Associates at our office in Plano, Texas. Call (972) 985-1412 to book an appointment today.