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Early Warning Signs Of Glaucoma

By October 26, 2023January 3rd, 2024No Comments

Studies show that more than three million people have glaucoma, 50 percent of them unaware that they have the condition. There is no cure for it. However, there is an effective treatment for glaucoma if detected early.

Glaucoma is a condition that damages the optic nerve due to a buildup of pressure in the eye and can cause permanent vision loss. Recognizing early signs is essential for a proper diagnosis and treatment. Doing so helps avoid further vision changes and loss.

There are various risk factors for glaucoma, such as being older than 60 or having a family history of glaucoma. Being extremely far- or nearsighted or having a cornea thinner than average also heightens your chances. Medical conditions like sickle cell anemia, diabetes, or heart disease are also glaucoma risk factors.

Read below to learn about the early warning signs for glaucoma for you to seek medical help and prevent the condition from becoming worse.

Sudden And Severe Eye Pain

Severe eye pain is an obvious indication that you have glaucoma. If you experience this, you must seek treatment immediately as the pain is usually overwhelming. Experiencing a sudden eye pain attack can lead to eye redness and nausea. You may or may not vomit.

Vision Loss In One Eye

Ideally, get tested for glaucoma if you begin having blind spots in your field of vision or begin noticing vision loss. Glaucoma causes a gradual loss of sight. Hence, it is essential to seek immediate medical help once you notice slight changes in your field of vision.

If you have vision loss in one eye, treat it as a medical emergency. You may have a short time remaining to receive quick treatment to avoid permanent blindness. If you experience temporary vision loss, it may be due to a severe underlying problem like a stroke.

Sensitivity To Light

Younger individuals with a buildup of eye pressure have an increased risk of experiencing sensitivity to light. There are several reasons for this.

Additionally, a clear cornea can lead to glare due to the irregular bouncing of light. Sensitivity to light may not cause short-term harm to your vision, but it is an early warning sign to indicate that you may have glaucoma.

Halos Around Light

Seeing halos or bright circles from light sources like headlights could mean you have a severe eye condition such as glaucoma. Most patients who see halos and seek medical help end up with a glaucoma diagnosis.

Eyes That Appear Cloudy

Your cornea remains clear due to its sheet of cells that pump out a watery fluid. If there is high pressure, your cornea becomes waterlogged and cloudy due to the watery fluid pushed out. Seek immediate medical help if you notice your eyes looking cloudy.

It is ideal that you go for regular comprehensive eye examinations and take care of your eye health. Doing so will
help you detect early stages and signs of glaucoma to prevent and slow vision loss from progressing.

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